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Liam Cloud is a Singer-Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, but mainly wields his guitar as if an extension of himself. Honing and fine-tuning his singing ability over the years, Liam now simply wants to be heard. However, in the midst of finding his own voice, both vocally and lyrically, Liam has already become an accomplished session musician. Demonstrating his versatility with six strings playing as a touring guitarist for many artists including most recently Ruth Lorenzo around Spain, and even drumming for his younger brother Dylan Cloud Some of his earliest musical memories include the likes of rock legends Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Soundgarden to icons in Hip Hop and RnB such as Eminem, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo and Usher.

With so many styles of music that exist, Liam finds it unfair to be forced to box his, and define it with one single label. As a result, expect to hear flavors from all the types of music that shaped him throughout his life. His self-released EP I Came From Pluto was the very first stepping-stone in his songwriting career. A collection of acoustic stories (all of which written in Barcelona) inspired by observations made while growing up.


Almost six years later, Liam is currently drip-feeding examples of how he’s evolved as a lyricist and composer, all leading towards the release of his full debut album. It all begins June 2022 with the first single ‘Blink’ so keep your eyes open as ‘Brighter Days’ are coming.


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