The Voice of Spain (La Voz) – My journey so far

How many judges do you think turned around?

The Voice has been an incredible experience. On my birthday this year, I was in transit to Madrid for the final calls, and I’m fortunate to be one of 100 singers out of 15,000 applicants to be chosen for the Blind Auditions for Season 5. This was my audition aired 13 October, video in YouTube: #LaVoz4

(This YouTube video is available in all countries but Spain. If you are located in Spain, you can see the entire episode #LaVoz4 using this Telecinco link:…/Pleno-Liam-If-Alicia-Keys_2_24507… Liam Cloud #LaVoz4 )

Before pressing play, take a wild guess how many judges turned around for me? And who did I choose as my coach?

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Vamos a batallas!