Front Page News Barcelona – Live Music Events

Barcelona is a city with a lot of music, and yet we all know too many talented artists struggling to play in a venue that respects their music (too noisy, how can they hear the lyrics?) Local audiences often don’t want to pay for shows because they are spoiled for choice with free concerts everywhere. This presents multiple challenges, if you can imagine. I was brought in to this project to work with other artists in a lineup that goes from acoustic, to duos and ends with a band. I’m helping the team create a journey throughout a concert that features 3 musicians every time. Live visuals when the venue allowed for it.

It aims to be an immersive show, every time. I hope you come and support it.

Sometimes I play my softer style acoustic, other times I play with my band. It’s about balancing it all out with the other artists playing. It’s all about the journey.

The seed of the idea came to us over Winter. And since our small team decided we were doing this, our numbers of immediate supporters have gone from 3 to 9, to 21 in just 12 days. I’m not crazy about Math, but like the proverbial snowball that rolls down a mountain picking up momentum and increasing in size…I’m liking how this is snowballing into a grander idea every week. I hope you help us grow it. Watch this space.