Collaboration with

Jason Boshoff and Kevin Tracey have this stunning idea to make great music with exceptionally talented local artists. They are Lemote. I recently collaborated with them.  Their strategy is for local artists to cover one song per week of current popular songs – recently released singles by globally renowned artists. I recorded 4 songs with them, one to be released weekly over one month. I hope you like what we’ve created so far…

YOUTH – Shawn Mendes (Lemote feat. Liam Cloud cover)
This has content from the most recent Kalayaan Barcelona Independence Day  celebrations where me and my band rocked the closing act – – Stephen on Bass and Bryan Curtis on drums (Thank you to everyone who stayed to celebrate with us!)


CALL OUT MY NAME – The Weekend (Lemote feat. Liam Cloud cover)

MINE – Bazzi (Lemote feat. Liam Cloud cover)