My Story

I’m a guitarist and singer-songwriter from London, Manila (and Pluto). Based in Barcelona. I picked up a guitar at age 13, growing up in a home filled with a plethora of music from classic rock to psytrance. I was told I had Jimmy Page fingers, did some insane rifts and learned songs in less than a day, and that was it. I was obsessed.

My music?
Nothing breeds intensely personal songs more than change. A change of scenery (and life itself) is something I’m intimately familiar with, having moved through 3 continents in under 2 decades. Part-Filipino, part-Kiwi and part-Spanish; I am anything but alien to change and nostalgia reflected in my songs “I Came from Pluto”, “I Miss You” and “Two Kisses”.

Some say I have that that soulful James Blunt, Damien Rice, Ed Sheeran pensive music style. My influences for that storytelling type of songwriting, however, are as vast as you can imagine; including John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Twenty One Pilots, and even going back to Bob Dylan and Neil Young times.

The Future?
The music that you can expect from my future releases range from folk, pop, r&b, blues and even rap. I don’t like to be stuck in one genre and I take features from multiple genres and roll them together without making it sound messy and random. Think of it like music sushi – Raw but still beautiful and precise…and you can’t just have one.

I write songs about things or situations that people go through everyday. Not necessarily myself (not to say I haven’t written about a specific ex girlfriend or two) but all the situations are real and meaningful.

The “I Came from Pluto” full album of 5 original songs is now on iTunes and Spotify; as are the singles “Two Kisses” and “I Came from Pluto” which has been shortlisted for the International Songwriter’s Competition – ISC 2016.


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